Types of accommodation with their own personality

This project consists of 32 unique apartments, each with its own character and individual characteristics, prepared to meet the demands of any family. The first three floors are predominantly occupied by two and three bedroom apartments, complemented by three studios. The fourth and upper floor is occupied by five larger apartments, with two, three and four bedrooms. Three of these apartments are duplexes. In addition to being on the upper floor of the building, with wider views, these also have the largest terraces and balconies, with areas ranging from 27 to 57 sqm.


The three studios available in the AEG Building provide welcoming and versatile spaces, ideal for those who prefer an easy and relaxed lifestyle in the city centre.

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The AEG Building apartments range from two to three bedrooms distributed over floors 1, 2 and 3. They include indoor and outdoor areas that meets every requirement of a modern family.

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The penthouses are five units that occupy the entire upper floor of the AEG Building, with balconies and terraces that range from 27 to 57 Sqm. Three of the penthouses are duplexes. The unobstructed view and high ceilings offer a unique touch of exclusivity.

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In the AEG Building, it is possible to adapt the apartments to your taste. You have a variety of options at your disposal, from changing floors and bathroom coverings to personalising your kitchen.


In an area where most residential buildings have no private parking, in the AEG Building, residents have their own parking.


Most of the apartments have terraces or balconies that enable relaxing in areas that are true extensions of the living rooms.


To spend time with friends or just to enjoy the outdoor spaces, the AEG Building has patios for you to feel free and relaxed.